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In fact, the Forex as a market for currency trading is nascent , it has crystallized in its current form since the seventies of the last century , but trading overall evolution with the evolution of social life in the history of human beings , and in this article we will talk about the history of Forex and how its evolution with time until the present time .

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The history of trading with the history and existence of human social on the ground , where he is the exchange of goods with goods , before the advent of money and when it appeared the money began trading goods with money , and with the evolution of different currencies appeared a new problem lies in knowing the value of a particular currency against another currency , has expanded this the problem significantly , especially in the modern era after the development of transportation and became a trade takes place across the continents , and to solve this problem reach the world to the Bretton Woods Agreement after world War II , where it was installed dollar coin weighing certain of gold , which has been dating him on it dollar Golden , has been installed all other currencies, fixed exchange rate against the dollar golden , but in 1971 collapsed Treaty Bretton Woods was sentenced to exchange rates to float , any move up and down depending on the demand and supply in the market and here began the effect of the economy and clear on prices , and has become the currency but moving tenths of a simple , and no one can take advantage of these moves , but owners of capital so huge because they feel these moves because of the strength of their investments . The issue has been resolved this later when established companies intermediaries who have put the opportunity for owners of capital to invest in small- market currency trading , by providing them with financial cranes , hoists those that increase the weight of capital, simple , and increases influenced by movements .

The financial jacks in the forex market is a double-edged sword Reducing the first lies in the possibility of making a profit and plenty of simple movements in prices , while the second limit lies in the possibility for heavy losses due to move in prices. There are several financial levers , including 1:50 and 1:100 and 1:200 and 1:300 and 1:400 that any investment thousand dollars 1:100 lever to make the size of your investment $100,000 then , any slight movement in prices could lead to you on big profits or losses . So be careful when using such Undercover Income leverage .

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But without leverage will not find the feasibility of investment in the forex market , because the return on capital will be a few dollars , while the use of the crane compounded return on capital exponentially . So you have to use winches but cautiously .

However crystallized Forex in its current form began owners minds to study this trade , trying with all their best to find a way or method or tool to help them predict the movements of currency rates , they tried to integrate price movements with the theories of physics and other sciences Other, Vthblor Fibonacci retracement , and the theory of Gan , and other Other theories that have been used to study the currency rates .

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The debates in the currency market constitute the focus of many of the traders in this market . It is well known that after the collapse of the currency and the Bretton Woods Agreement has become in a state of movement , therefore , the prices of dispensing become variable according to the current situation in the market. There are several discussions in the currency market revolves around how to predict the Forex properly and all of these teams and clings to his opinion, so consider himself properly and others erred , and this would crystallizes intolerance opinion regardless of its accuracy , you have to make your mind capable of change for the right to suit with the movement of currencies constantly changing , as said : “My right could be wrong , and the opinion of others fault could be right ,” he thus did not deny the other their adherence to their views , as well as here in the currency market as it may stick to some of the merchants with their opinions and their way of predicting forex unaware feasibility their way of this , you may find some of them do not market only through technical analysis , for example , may find others do not read it , but through fundamental analysis only , or some of them believe in luck just does not get tired themselves to read the market or analysis , and others Undercover Income on certain indicators in the market , and others had created index which crystallized your own , you may find many of the fanatics to their views , and do not accept in any way that they will use other methods of trading , and singled out veteran trader .

The commitment to a certain way of trade is a good thing , but in the currency market may lead to Adaatk for many of the opportunities in this market and therefore, the diversity of the roads leads one way or another to increase the chance of Agtinamk opportunities different in this market , for example, if you’re someone who follows the technical analysis in your selection for periods of entry and exit from the market is Labbe of the happenings economic globally , any chance Khossa opportunities that depend on the news will be in vain , because you will not find only in the fundamental analysis , and others say that one’s ability to follow the news and analysis of all kinds are limited, and therefore, the knowledge of all roads in predicting Forex thinking leads to distraction and therefore missed opportunities , too, and this is something we must take it into account.

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Here, we entered into a dilemma namely that the adoption of one method in the analysis leading to the loss of jobs due to Tqoukana in that way, as well as the adoption of all roads will lead to missed opportunities also because of the dispersion , and has received many opinions about the ideal way used in the prediction, after readers numerous for different points of view and found that mediation is the ideal solution to predict the Forex , the opinion correct to is the confusion between roads but are away from your distractions , you should rely on technical indicators are limited, as well as key indicators is limited, and not depend on luck never , do the selection of the important indicators on the level fundamental and technical together, so to Atchett thinking Bagrach many of the important indicators and unimportant alike.

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This Undercover Income App is not only one of the many dilemmas that will be faced by a trader in the currency market , for example, you’ll meet the dilemma of making decisions of entry and exit to the market and the dilemma of nearby loss and profit in the long run a lot or a little profit near etc. .. Of these dilemmas multiple imperative you address them in ways that art .